Good prompts and how to achieve them

Good prompts and how to achieve them

Writing an idea for the AI can be frustrating especially when the result does not look the way you wanted. We may not have written a good prompt and the AI doesn’t quite understand what we want. So here we teach you how to make good prompts and how to achieve them. Let’s create!

The shape of good prompts

After spending some time watching various AIs work we can define the elements of good prompts. 

In general they have these elements:

  1. Instruction – a specific task or instruction you want the model to perform
  2. Context – external information or additional context that can guide the model to better responses
  3. Input data – the input or question for which we are interested in finding an answer
  4. Output indicator – the type or format of the output.

Watch this video for more data about it.

WOXO and good prompts

In the case of our platform you can leave out the second and fourth points because we already have them built into our platform. This saves you time in having to write them. 

But if you want you can give some context to sharpen the aim as some data related to your desire.

General tips to make good prompts

Keep your prompt simple.

You can start with simple instructions and add more elements to get better results. Remember that with WOXO you can always edit the result later. 

Don’t repeat ideas. One time typing your idea is enough.

We also recommend that you use unambiguous language and as simple a vocabulary as possible.

Make your instruction clear

While WOXO is for creating videos, you don’t need to specify that it will do it for you. 


Be very specific. Including too much unnecessary detail is not necessarily a good approach. The details should be relevant.

There are no specific tabs or keywords that lead to better results. 

When designing your prompts, you also have to consider the length, as there are usually limitations on their length. In the case of WOXO it is 512 characters. 

One element that we recommend using in WOXO as part of the prompt is the number of scenes you want it to have. 

So… let’s make good prompts

The last tip is to constantly test your prompts and see what results you get. You should also see what videos work best for you in your networks and try to repeat their structure or similar themes. Every time you find a successful form try to repeat it and see how it goes. 

Luckily on WOXO you can see all the videos you have created and even reuse the prompt. This way you will never lose your creations.

And now that you have mastered prompts: Are you ready to dominate YouTube using AI videos? Read this article and you find out how to do it.

Happy video making! 🤖 🎥 🚀

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