How I built my own home office in my backyard?

Yes, focusing was very hard at home during this pandemic, so I built my own office in my backyard.

This is my office so as you see it’s a home depot shed like a plastic shed and inside I put some insulation for the hot and cold then a table.

When I close you close your door I have even an air conditioner over here and that’s it um you will ask me like how much does it cost you um it was like the house like the plastic house was like about 600 um dollars and then i have to add this basement from home depot it was about like 100 then two dear friends helped me out like building it up um in just like three or four hours and that’s it

I’m very comfortable here I have i can be focused my kids are there I can see them they come and visit me but I can work so it is important to have your own place work and to be comfortable if you want to know more details just like leave me a comment and we’ll be very happy to share with you like the links of the house and everything like that I’m not working with on deep or something I’m just gonna like help you out to be as comfortable and I if you have space.

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