New feature alert: Multi-variant background generation in WOXO

February 2024 introduces an exciting update to WOXO‘s video editor, aimed at streamlining the creative process. The launch of the Multi-Variant Background Generation feature marks a significant enhancement, designed to boost efficiency and flexibility in video editing. Update highlights Enhanced background options Previously, WOXO users could update the background of a scene one at a […]

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Video aspect ratio: what it is and how to choose it?

It is very common to confuse the video aspect ratio with other characteristics such as resolution. Today, we are going to clear this up, define, what it is for, why it is so important, and how to adapt our videos to serve us in various aspect ratios. Let’s see, also, the most used ratios within the environment of […]

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What is video resolution?

Today we are going to be talking about a popular concept nowadays, video resolution. This concept is used similarly to refer to several things within the video world. Knowing its meaning and proper characteristics will help us have better video quality. And our audience will be more pleased with the image quality we provide. Ready? […]

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